Project Sidiooo, which "Sidio" is one of my childhood nicknames, short for Gerisa Necia Pela El Sidio Shaundai Leviticus P. Cecil Packard Styles Rudolph (Don't Ask lol), was inspired by the many talented friends I have, & people I have worked, produced, or some just met online from seeing videos on You Tube, and even Twitter.
I love making music, and that does not always mean I have to "shop" my music to artist whom are the most popular at the time, which most writers, and producers tend to do.
I called, connected with these individuals personally, and invited them to sing, write, play, and here are the results of this idea.
Project Sidiooo thanks you, and were already far into the next vol. 2 which will be released some time in 2015.
We are just getting started, and if you too would like to be apart of this awesome "Project Sidiooo",drop me a message on any of these social networks of your choice, and LET'S GET BUSY! There is music history to be made, and I'm in it to win it!!!!!


Flawless Day All!!
E Seats

For Booking Contact:
Chystal Allen Ojon URE Artist Management
(615) 569-9138